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Kirites de Inversiones ES0156526032



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Net Asset Value and Returns

Net Asset Value and Returns

*Past postive returns do not guarantee future positive returns

SICAV´s objective

Kirites is a Cautious Allocation Global SICAV which aims to achieve the maximum return protecting its capital in real terms (based on inflation) with a low volatility.

How do we invest?

  • In order to achieve our aim of protecting the invertors capital, especially in real terms, with the lowest volatility, it applies the following guidelines:

    • Highest diversification: in terms of asset classes, currencies and geographical areas.
    • De-correlation among assetsto minimize volatility exposure.
    • Due to the highest diversification and de-correlation, we avoid any risk concentration obeying these parameters:
      • Equity: 15% – 30% of the total portfolio.
      • Currency: 5% – 30 % in USD.
      • Geographical areas: Global diversification with a special focus on US and Europe.
    • Based on the global macroeconomic situation, we assign strategies (Top-Down) that are applied by fund managers specialized in open architecture(Bottom-Up).
    • We seek low tracking error or low deviationfrom the conservative strategy (75% invested in fixed-income securities and 25% in equity) to protect the capital such as inflation and deflation (especially in real terms).

Reasons for choosing this SICAV:

  • Kirites is the perfect defensive vehicle to be the core of your conservative investments, as it provides protection from both deflation and inflation in real terms. Its diversification, de-correlation and low tracking error, makes the portfolio more efficient, while offering an attractive risk-adjusted return. On this basis, it keeps your purchasing power safe.
  • This SICAV offers high returns with one of the lowest volatilities in the Spanish market.


As of December 31st 2019

Asset Allocations

Currency distribution

Main positions


Kirites de Inversiones

  • ISIN
  • ES0156526032
  • Management fee
  • 0,9%
  • Success fee
  • 5% with HWM
  • Withdrawal fee
  • 0%
  • Type
  • Liquidity
  • Daily
  • Minimum investment
  • 10€
  • Inception date
  • September 2005
  • Term investment
  • 3-5 years
  • Auditor
  • KPMG
  • Depositary bank
  • Category
  • Cautious Allocation Global
  • Administrator
  • Bloomberg Code
  • S1773 SM
  • Address
  • Spain


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