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Global Allocation FI


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Global Macro Fund

Global Allocation FI                  ES0116848005



NAV Evolution

Global Allocation FI

Historical monthly returns

*Manager’s track record since 2006 among its different vehicles (2006 – 3103/2010, G.Allocation SICAV, 31/03/2010 – currently G.Allocation FI ES

Net Asset Value and Returns

Net Asset Value and Returns

*Past postive returns do not guarantee future positive returns

Fund´s objective

Global macro fund which aims to maximize investors’ middle and long-term returns by using a dynamic optimization of the exposure between different asset classes and risk levels.

Global Allocation targets positive double digit returns in any market environment.

How do we invest?

  • Strategy
    • Global Macro.
    • Flexibility in assets selection and risk levels exposure.
    • Investment process focused on foreseeing the next big market movements and to defining a catalyst for them to unfold.
    • The fund combines long-term investments with short-term tactical.
    • Risk management covers the whole investment process.
  • Investment Universe
    • The fund invests in developed markets bonds and equities with a European focus mainly through listed futures and options. It also invests in commodities through listed futures or ETF´s. The fund may invest directly in single bonds or equities.
  • Exposure Levels
    • Maximum net exposure: 170%
    • Maximum equity short exposure: -50%
    • Maximum bond short exposure: -100%
    • Maximum currency exposure: 40% (major currencies other than EUR)

Reasons for choosing this fund:

1.- The fund has very little correlation to its peers. Historical correlation to HFRI Global Macro Index is only 8,14%

2.- Since mid 2012, when European markets initiate the recovery after the “Euro Breakup Scare”, generally Global Macro strategy has not been able to adapt to the new scenario of massive Central Banks intervention, especially in the interest rate space. Global Allocation´s strategy captured perfectly the new scenario and has performed handsomely (30% GAGR) while HFRI Macro has barely performed (1,08% CAGR).

3.- More than 6 years of track record under a UCITS structure and 4 more as an investment vehicle structure. With proven lower leverage than its peers with much greater liquidity.


Global Allocation FI*

  • ISIN
  • ES0116848005
  • Management fee
  • 1,35%
  • Success fee
  • 9% with HWM
  • Withdrawal fee (only 1st year)
  • 3%
  • Type
  • Spanish Investment Fund
  • Liquidity
  • Daily
  • Minimum investment
  • 10€
  • Inception date
  • March 2006
  • Term investment
  • 3-5 years
  • Auditor
  • Ernst & Young
  • Depositary bank
  • Renta 4 Banco
  • Category
  • Global Macro
  • Administrator
  • Renta 4 Banco
  • Bloomberg Code
  • Address
  • Spain

*Quadriga Asset Managers acts as a co-manager of the fund



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