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Global Ethical Fund

GFED Aequitas Class A LU0925601550



NAV Evolution

GFED Aequitas Class A - Evolution of a 100€ investment

*Until May 2013 the information aboves corresponds to GFED index, from then, GFED Aequitas Class A LU0925601550

Last 30 daily returns

*Manager’s track record since 2005 among its different vehicles, until May 2005 – GFED Index, since May 2005 GFED Aequitas Class A LU0925601550

Net Asset Value and Returns

Net Asset Value and Returns

*Past postive returns do not guarantee future positive returns

Fund´s objective

It is a multi-strategy, multi-asset class fund with daily liquidity whose aim is to achieve positive returns over any economic cycle thanks to the efficient distribution of risks through diversification

After adjusting the risk profile, the fund achieves aims to achieve returns well above the market average and in line with the big endowments.

How do we invest?

GFED Aequitas follows the U.S. endowment model, though with a lower risk profile to adapt to a more conservative investor base. The endowment model is based on six basic principles developed by Dr. D. Swensen from Yale University:

  • It is preferable to be owner of a business than lender.
  • 80% to 85% of the portfolio must be invested in high yielding assets.
  • Apply a contrarian way of investing, taking advantage of under and overvaluation of assets.
  • Accept liquidity as an investment, provided that it is optimal to hold it instead of yielding assets.
  • Multiply the chances of success looking for value in inefficient markets and indexing the efficient ones.
  • Maintain an optimal long term asset allocation as much as possible avoiding too much investment turnover.

Based on these principles, the fund has a sound and flexible investment policy, aiming to identify and classify the main investment themes and the best ideas according to their time horizon, and eventually select the most efficient investment strategies for each asset class. To this end, it combines a dynamic management style, placing special emphasis on diversification and timely hedges in order to smooth the return profile over time and avoid extreme shortfalls (e.g., hedging of extreme or tail risk)

Reasons for choosing this fund:

1.- GFED’s team of six investment professionals with over eleven years’ experience in endowment management and their entire financial wealth invested in the fund.

2.- Over more than ten years of proven and successful track record managing the same strategy.

3.- Emphasis on independency and transparency as the main guidelines to generate a trusted and secure management environment and offer an excellent service to our clients.

4.- Cost efficiency and constant review: Is it possible to generate the same results with a lower cost?


GFED Aequitas Class A

  • ISIN
  • LU0925601550
  • Management fee
  • 1%
  • Success fee
  • 10% with HWM
  • Withdrawal fee (only 1st year)
  • 0,5%
  • Type
  • Liquidity
  • Daily
  • Minimum investment
  • 10€
  • Inception date
  • June 2013
  • Term investment
  • 3-5 years
  • Auditor
  • KPMG
  • Depositary bank
  • Société Générale
  • Category
  • Endowment
  • Administrator
  • Société Générale
  • Bloomberg Code
  • Address
  • Luxembourg


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